With over 150 years of combined experience in watch making and deep market presence, Times watches has established as a brand that is well known for its cutting edge designs, durability, competitive prices and great customer service.


As our presence in South India is expanding, we are looking for individuals / agencies to be part of this exciting journey either by working part time or full time.

Following is the process.

  1. Choose an area/areas that you want to cater. Our marketing team will assist you in this aspect.

  2. Once you choose your area, get stock from our manufacturing facility directly.

  3. Start selling stock by visiting retail outlets present in your selected areas. Visiting retail outlets at least once in a week will build good relationship with them and there by improves your sales. Hence if you are interested in working part time, this is a great opportunity to earn extra income.

  4. Whatever stock that is unsold will be taken back at our manufacturing facility at the same prices that is given to you.

  5. If you are enjoying this then get new stock and repeat the same process

  6. Persons who have partnered with us and working on weekends are earning around                          Rs.15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month

The whole process is very smooth, clear with no ambiguity and our diverse team is available anytime to support you.

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